CS 13 (Spring 2023)

Welcome to CS 13! We’re super excited to have you here this term!


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Wellness and Inclusion

It is very important to us that you succeed in CS 13. We provide many extra resources to help you. Adam and the TAs hold many office hours, and we have a discussion board where you can ask questions asynchronously.

It is also very important to us that you maintain your mental wellness throughout the course. A few points are not worth losing sleep over. Everyone on the course staff is available to chat, and you can always attend office hours for a non-academic conversation if necessary. You can also visit the counseling center if you find you need help beyond the course staff. If you have a temporary health condition or permanent disability (either mental health or physical health related), you should contact accessibility services if you have not already. Additionally, if there is something we can do to make your experience better, please let us know.

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are all core values of this course. All participants in this course must be treated with respect by other members of the community in accordance with the honor code. If you feel unwelcome or unsafe in any way, no matter how minor, we encourage you to talk to Adam or one of the Deans. We view these sorts of honor code violations as completely unacceptable, and we take them very seriously.


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Course Staff


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Teaching Assistants

Nico Adamo
Yakov Shalunov


The following is a list of handouts that you might find helpful throughout the course. We’ve categorized them by when they are useful.


Syllabus – an overview of the course and administrative information

Collaboration Policy – the course collaboration policy

HowToLaTeX – a handout to help with typesetting various things in LaTeX


The Proof is in the Pudding – an overview of how proofs are supposed to be written

Definitions and Theorems – a complete listing of definitions and theorems you may use without proof

Strong Induction Technique – a technique template for how to write a strong induction proof


Introduction to Verifications – a description of what a verification is with some examples


L00 Mon, Apr 03 Sets and Functions Review [ pdf ]
L01 Wed, Apr 05 Induction and Number Representation [ pdf ]
L02 Fri, Apr 07 Strong Induction [ pdf ]
Verification00 (induction) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, Apr 07
L03 Mon, Apr 10 Modular Arithmetic [ pdf ]
L04 Wed, Apr 12 Euclidian Algorithm [ pdf ]
L05 Fri, Apr 14 Cancelled -- Adam Ill
Written00 (proofs and number theory) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, Apr 14
L06 Mon, Apr 17 Euler's Theorem [ pdf ]
:( Wed, Apr 19 No Class: Adam Ill
:( Fri, Apr 21 No Class: Break.
Written01 (more number theory) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, Apr 21
L07 Mon, Apr 24 Structural Induction (on lists) [ pdf ]
L08 Wed, Apr 26 Structural Induction (on trees) [ pdf ]
L09 Fri, Apr 28 RSA
Application00 (rsa) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, Apr 28
L10 Mon, May 01 Introduction to Combinatorics [ pdf ]
L11 Wed, May 03 Balls and Bins & Inclusion-Exclusion [ pdf ]
L12 Fri, May 05 Application: Compression [ pdf ]
Written02 (structural induction) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, May 05
L13 Mon, May 08 Introduction to Probability [ pdf ]
L14 Wed, May 10 Expectation [ pdf ]
L15 Fri, May 12 Conditional Probability and Expectation [ pdf ]
Application01 (compression) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, May 12
L16 Mon, May 15 Tail Bounds
L17 Wed, May 17 Graphs & Trees
L18 Fri, May 19 Graph Induction [ pdf ]
Application02 (classification) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, May 19
L19 Mon, May 22 Graphs = Matrices
L20 Wed, May 24 Graph Algorithms
L21 Fri, May 26 Application: PageRank
:( Mon, May 29 No Class: Memorial Day
L22 Wed, May 31 Polynomials
L23 Fri, Jun 02 Lagrange Interpolation
Written03 (probability and graphs) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, Jun 02
Application03 (pagerank) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, Jun 02
L24 Mon, Jun 05 Fields and GF(256)
L25 Wed, Jun 07 Basic Reed-Solomon Codes
L26 Fri, Jun 09 Application: QR Codes
Application04 (error-correcting codes) due @ 11:30 pm on Fri, Jun 16